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Tony Stark drifts in space…

Tony drifts in space with no water, no food, no hope to live. But there appears a savior, Someone who could revoke the ironman within him!

short story


“I like the way they release smoke from their mouth,” he said pointing at the TV screen. “That looks so cool, I would like to try it too” he continued admiring the actor all the time. “That is not cool sweetheart, but do you know what is?” Mukesh said embracing his son. “What? What?” Little… Continue reading NO SMOKING

short story

The lives of mobile applications.

It was 2 o' clock at night. Everyone in the house was sound asleep. Max slept soundly but today he was murmuring a lot in his sleep. “I hope he shuts up, I hate people who talk a lot #LetUsRest”. Someone noticed this remark and replied with a sly one “ It would be great… Continue reading The lives of mobile applications.